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  • Dental Fillings

    Dental fillings are used to restore teeth with chipped enamel, decay and developmental defects.  Composites (white dental fillings) are now utilized in nearly all areas of the mouth and can provide a cosmetic solution for teeth with small to moderate-sized stains or decay. Read more

  • Dental Crowns

    Dental crowns are a successful way to protect compromised teeth in the long term. For example, teeth with large dental fillings, cracks, and extensive decay benefit from crown coverage. As an added benefit,dental crowns placed on the front of the mouth can dramatically enhance your smile.Read more

  • Dental Bridge

    When a tooth is lost, a dental bridge can replace that missing tooth. With a bridge, the teeth next to the lost tooth are prepared for dental crowns. Another dental crown (called a pontic) is placed between them, creating a “bridge” over the missing tooth space. Read more

  • Dental Implants

    Dental implants are titanium posts placed in the bone. They aid in the long-term replacement of single or multiple teeth. Once the post has had time to heal with the bone, we place a dental crown on top of the implant. Dental implants can also be combined with dentures to give denture patients greater stability and an improved ability to chew. Read more

  • Dental Root Canals

    Root canals remove infection from teeth caused by decay or trauma. The purpose of a root canal is to disinfect the canals in the roots of teeth and seal them from future bacterial attacks. Because root canals can significantly weaken molars or premolars (bicuspids), we recommend placing a dentalcrown on top of these teeth to protect and seal the crown (top part of the tooth). Read more

  • Dental TMD/TMJ

    More commonly known as TMJ, temporomandibular disorder (TMD) is a condition that causes one or more of the following: joint pain, muscle soreness, headaches, tooth wear and significant discomfort. Appliances, also called night guards, are a reversible way to relieve symptoms of TMD. A bite adjustment may also be utilized to aid in treating your symptoms. In rare cases we partner with specialists to find solutions for patients with more complex joint issues. Read more

  • Dental Fluoride

    Fluoride helps strengthen and protect teeth from decay, and can also help decrease sensitivity to heat and cold. We recommend in-office fluoride treatments for children and adults with active decay in the oral cavity, and can also prescribe fluoridated tooth for home use. Read more

  • Dental Sealants

    To help prevent childhood cavities, we recommend dental sealants for new molars in children aged 6-12 who are at a high risk for decay.  Because the tops of teeth have deep grooves that are difficult to clean, the tops of teeth are usually the first site of decay in the mouth. Dental sealants fill in the grooves without having to remove tooth structure. Read more

  • Dental Whitening

    Dental Bleaching, also known as tooth whitening is a common and safe procedure in general dentistry. As a person ages teeth become darker due to changes to the mineral structure of the tooth. There are many ways to whiten teeth.  Examples include at home over-the-counter products, in-office bleaching, and custom-tray at home professional whitening. All have been shown to be effective and safe. Ask your dentist what system would best fit your whitening needs. Read more